PC and programming fundamentals

Course Personal Computers and programming fundamentals is a part of mandatory courses for Bachelors of Electronics. The course belongs to general sciences and used as base for studying other courses.

The objective of the course is to learn basic concepts about the structure of the PC, operation principles, software tools and the most common operating systems and programming tools, as well as acquiring basic skills of PC use.

Knowledge and skills gained during this course study are the basis for the disciplines "Programming and algorithmic languages fundamentals, "Computational Mathematics”, “Modelling in electronics”.

After studying the course, students must:

  • know the basic features of modern PCs and operating systems;
  • be able to use a PC as an everyday tool for engineering tasks;
  • learn basic techniques of modern instrumental system;
  • learn widely used standard algorithms for solving engineering problems using computers;
  • be able to program and debug composed algorithms.