Our Research

Several research group work at our department:

Laboratory of Biomedical Electronics.

Head of the laboratory Dr. sciences, PhD Igor Nesteruk

The activity of the laboratory is aimed at the education and scientific research of the chair of Physical and Biomedical Electronics

Research topics:

  • Components, devices and systems of biomedical electronics.
  • Methods and computer-based diagnostic complexes for electrocardiography, ultrasound investigations, electroencephalography, computer tomography (MRI).
  • Systems of intellectual monitoring of the patient state, systems of biomedical identification of persons.
  • Devices and systems of signal analysis for electrocardiography, ultrasound investigations, electroencephalography, computer tomography (MRI).
  • Nano-bio-components, biomedical technologies and systems.
  • Systems of thermo-graphical diagnostics.
  • Simulation of biomedical systems.

More information see at the laboratory website.

Research topics of Department’s staff:

Volodymyr Tymofeev
DrSc, Prof.
Micro- and nanostructures

Modeling of submicron devices
Eugene Belyavsky
DrSc, Prof.
Microwave electronics
Oleg Vytiaz
PhD, Assoc. Prof.
Modeling of Physical and Biomedical Systems

Theory of Circuits
Vuntesmeri Yuri
PhD, Assoc. Prof.
Microwave circuits

Iryna Golubeva
PhD, Assist. Prof.
RFID and wireless communications

Modeling of microwave devices
Natalia Ivanushkina
PhD, Assoc. Prof.
High-resolution methods of ECG analysis

Fetal ECG analysis

Arrhythmia diagnostics
Victor Kazmirenko
PhD, Assoc. Prof.
Microwave measurements

Wireless communications

Digital signal processing
Evgenii Karpliuk
PhD, Assist. Prof.
Digital signal processing

DSP programming

High-resolution biosignal analysis

Biomedical monitoring
Mykola Kovalenko
DrSc, Prof.

Ultrasonic diagnostics

Oleksandr Kovalenko
DrSc, Prof.

Modeling of medical demographic processes

Telemedicine and E-health
Pavel Loshitsky
DrSc, Prof.
Wide-band location

Noise generators


Interaction of physical fields and biological objects
Vladimir Moskaliuk
PhD, Prof.
Modeling of high-frequency devices
Nikolai Nikolov
PhD, Assoc. Prof.

Electromagnetic cancer treatment

Biomedical image processing
Anton Popov
PhD, Assoc. Prof.
Brain electrical activity analysis, epilepsy diagnostics

Heart rate variability analysis

Anasthesia depth and sleep microstructure analysis

Wavelet transforms, structural biosignal analysis, complexity measures of biomedical signals

Nonlinear biosignal analysis, chaoticity and coupling evaluation in body systems

Borys Pratsiuk
MSc, Assist., Prof.

Wireless communications (Bluetooth, RFID, WiFi, WiMAX)

Mobile applications and hardware development
Yuriy Prokopenko
PhD, Assoc., Prof.
Modeling of microwave electronic systems

Measurements at high-frequency

Wireless communications
Volodymyr Samotovka
MSc, Assist. Prof.

Modeling of semiconductor structures
Tetiana Saurova
MSc. Assist. Prof.
High-frequency electronics
Olena Semenovska
PhD, Assist. Prof.
Heating in heterostructures
Yurii Synekop
PhD, Prof.
Statistical planning

Analysis of biomedical information
Olena Faleeva
PhD, Assist. Prof.
Modeling of submicron structures
Artem Fedyai
PhD, Assist. Prof.
Quantum electron transport

Modeling of nanostructures

Physics of low-dimensional systems

Solid-state physics

Solid-state electronics
Volodymyr Fesechko
PhD, Prof.
Digital signal processing


MRI diagnostics

Noninvasive high-resolution technologies in bioscience
Ludmyla Hudiakova
Senior Lecturer
Alexander Chaikovsky
PhD, Assoc., Prof.
Measurements in electronics

Analog circuits
Iryna Shovkun
Senior Lecturer
Physics of electron processes
Alexander Shuliak
PhD, Assoc., Prof.

Methods of signal analysis

Modeling of systems
Roman Yanchiy
DrSc, Prof.
Stem cells and immune system