Nikolai Nikolov

Associate Professor

Born in 1977. In 1994 - 2000 he studied at the Faculty of Electronics, NTUU "KPI" and qualified as the master. From 1999 to 2006 he worked as an engineer-radiologist in radionuclide diagnostics unit at the Department of Radiology with the course of Radiation Medicine in National Medical University of Bogomolets A.A. After finishing graduate school part-time at the Department of FBME in 2006 under the guidance of Professor Loshitskiy P.P. defended his Ph.D. thesis on "Physical therapy device with a stochastic spatially inhomogeneous low-frequency electromagnetic field.". Since 2006, a senior researcher in Research Laboratory of Medical Physics and Bioengineering, National Cancer Institute. Involved at educational work in the Department FBME since 2004. Conducted courses of "The interaction of physical factors and biological objects", "Digital Electronics", "Applied Biophysics", "Mathematical modeling of biophysical processes". From September 2010 pursuing doctoral studies at NTUU "KPI". Nikolov N.A., has more than 70 scientific works, among them 11 patents of Ukraine, 10 abstracts.

Research interests

Investigation of the effect of physical factors on biological objects, in particular on malignant tumors, processing methods and analysis of scintigraphic data, research of self-organization of physical and biological systems, research of the possibility of using magnetic nanoparticles in cancer.