Pavel Loshitsky

Professor, Dr. Sc.

Born in 1945. Graduated from National University of Odessa with honours in 1970., worked at NRI "Orion", where he developed modern solid-body high-frequency devices. Works at department since 1995, since 2005 - professor. Teaches such courses as "Interaction of biological objects and physical fields", "Biophysical processes modeling", "Biophysics", "Self-organization of biological systems", organized the educational laboratory for these subjects. Defended the candidate dissertation in 1983, doctoral - in 1990. Author of 160 publications, 1 monograph, 44 inventions. Laureate of the National award of Ukraine in 1986 for cycle of scientific works about solid-body super-high-frequency devices. Prepared 5 Candidates of Sciences.

In charge of laboratory of biophysics

Works of students

Research interests

Stochastic processes in nonliner systems, particularly in bioobjects and solid state plasma.