Yuriy Vountesmery

Associate Professor

Born on 9 October 1974 in Kiev. In 1991 enrolled at the KPI in the first set of the department on a specialty "Physical Electronics", which in 1997 He graduated with honors, receiving the degree of master. Since 1997 worked at the department of physical and biomedical electronics as an assistant, senior lecturer and in 2011. - Assistant Professor. He teaches courses on "Modeling in Electronics", "Programming and algorithmic languages​​", "Construction and design of biomedichchnoi equipment", "Digital technologies in microelectronics," from which amounted educational and work programs, and settled down cycles of laboratory work. Supervises degree works of bachelors and masters. He has published over twenty scientific papers. In 2009 defended his thesis and received a Ph.D. in technical sciences.

Research interests

Study of the physics of gyrotropic media and development of nonreciprocal passive microwave devices based on them.