Algorithms and Programming

Discipline "Programming" - provides initial training in the field of algorithms, programming and solving applied problems using computers.

The purpose of discipline "Programming" is to train students to use computers for solving practical problems of modern electronics and technology, familiarizing with C language data structures and algorithms for their processing.

The goals of "Programming" discipline is formation ideas, knowledge, skills and abilities about:

  • The structure and operation principles of computing platforms.
  • Methods of managing elements of computing platform.
  • ANSI C99 Standard C programming language and libc standard library functions.
  • Classification of basic data structures, their characteristics, location in the dynamic memory.
  • Using the mechanism of address pointers to access data structures.
  • Programming iterative and recursive functions to access data structures.
  • Building and implementing algorithms in C applications, such as numerical algorithms, sorting and searching algorithms, combinatorial algorithms, string algorithms, compression and coding algorithms, computational geometry algorithms and others.