Circuits Theory

Manufacturers of electronics to achieve a high compatibility status at the market have to renew their production family regularly updating its performance and functionality. The design stage time frames for products development, for example such as mobile phones, computers, medical equipment, chips, and other electronic devices which are used as utilities can be dramatically reduced using computer aided design tools. Such tools combine computational power of computers with numerical algorithms performance and give to engineer the ability to design ready for manufacturing products only running the software applications. The education of engineers involved in development, implementation and application of design software should include the knowledge of several base courses one of which is Circuit Theory.

Circuit Theory course is as a part of electrical engineering bachelor degree curriculum. It is a six-credit-hour course including lecturers, laboratory classes and seminars which is provided by the Physical and Biomedical Electronics Chair. The course is conducted for the second year students and takes two semesters. Students should pass exam at the end of each semester. The background courses are - Mathematical Analysis, Physics (electricity and magnetics). The tutorials and manuals are provided. The knowledge of circuit theory is a firm basis for successful education and graduation in the field of electrical engineering and computer aided design.