Digital technologies in microelectronics

Discipline "Digital technologies in microelectronics" provides students with knowledge and skills to solve applied problems of modern computing platforms using different types.

The course is grounded on "Algorithmic languages and programming", "Digital circuit design", "Methods of Signal Processing", "Design and construction of biomedical equipment" and others.

The purpose of the discipline is to build knowledge and skills of:

  • Systematic approach to design software for standalone and embedded computing platforms.
  • Management of autonomic computing platforms in resources separation conditions.
  • Computing platform as a combination of hardware and operating systems.
  • Classification of operating systems and features of interaction with them, the basics of system programming.
  • Multitasking programming.
  • Multithreaded programming, processes and threads interaction.
  • Real-time programming platforms and parallel computing.
  • Cross-platform programming.
  • Architecture of common types of microcontrollers and their features.
  • Software design for microcontrollers.