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Infineon files lawsuit in USA against Innoscience

Semiconductor today - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 13:55
Through its subsidiary Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Infineon Technologies AG of Munich, Germany has filed a lawsuit in the district court of the Northern District of California against gallium nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) power solutions firm Innoscience (Zhuhai) Technology Co Ltd of Suzhou, China, and Innoscience America Inc and affiliates. Infineon is seeking permanent injunction for infringement of a United States patent relating to gallium nitride (GaN) technology owned by Infineon. The patent claims cover core aspects of GaN power semiconductors encompassing innovations that enable the reliability and performance of Infineon’s proprietary GaN devices...

STMicroelectronics Recognized as Top 100 Global Innovator 2024

ELE Times - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 12:56

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, has been named a Top 100 Global Innovators in 2024. The annual list from Clarivate, a global leader in providing transformative intelligence, identifies organizations leading the world in technology research and innovation.

“Being recognized as a Top 100 Global Innovator 2024 for the sixth time demonstrates the consistent quality of our R&D and the innovation power of our teams,” said Alessandro Cremonesi, Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer, STMicroelectronics. “The continued strength of our innovation is achieved by placing ST at the center of a global innovation ecosystem, based on cooperative R&D with our global network of academic and private partners, helping us drive sustainable growth by enabling smarter mobility, more efficient power and energy management, edge AI, and the wide-scale deployment of cloud-connected autonomous things.”

In 2023 ST invested approximately 12.2% of net revenues in R&D, has over 9,500 R&D employees, and engages in extensive collaboration with leading research labs and corporate partners throughout the world. The Company’s Innovation Office focuses on connecting emerging market trends with internal technology expertise to identify opportunities, stay ahead of the competition, and lead in new or existing technology domains. ST is recognized as a leading semiconductor technology innovator in a number of areas including smart power technologies, wide bandgap semiconductors, edge AI solutions, MEMS sensors and actuators, optical sensing, and digital and mixed-signal technologies.

Gordon Samson, President, Intellectual Property, Clarivate, said, “To feature as a Top 100 Global Innovator is no mean feat as maintaining an edge in the innovation ecosystem is harder than ever. Organizations must balance experimentation and risk with discipline and reward. We measure and rank innovative performance in a dynamic and thorough way, using live thresholds of differentiation. At Clarivate, we think forward by analyzing the quality of ideas, their potency and their impact to identify the world’s top innovators, and this year we reveal the ranking of these innovators for the first time.”

To build the Top 100 Global Innovators 2024 report, the Clarivate Center for IP and Innovation Research measures the quality of ideas, their potency and their effect. To achieve this, they combine modern analytical architecture with over 60 years of experience from Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) and Derwent Patent Citation Index.

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RAPA and Anritsu Collaborate on B5G/6G Technology Verification

ELE Times - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 12:44

The Korea Radio Promotion Association (Korea, hereafter RAPA) and Anritsu Corporation (Japan) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on February 22, 2024, at Anritsu Headquarters defining their mutual cooperation on Beyond 5G (B5G) and 6th Generation Mobile Communication Systems (6G), which will be the next generations of communication standards.

Through this agreement, RAPA and Anritsu plan to cooperate in multiple fields to support the development of these technologies, such as configuring a test environment capable of validating the candidate frequency bands for B5G/6G, specifically the FR3 (7 GHz to 24 GHz) and the sub-THz band (100 GHz and above), as well as the technical cooperation from proof of concept (PoC) phase.

Starting this year, RAPA plans to establish the “Anritsu B5G/6G Test Lab” at its Song-do IoT Technical Support Center in Incheon where it will build a test infrastructure and gradually upgrade the installed equipment. This initiative will create an environment in South Korea where the verification of 6G mobile communication technologies can be conducted efficiently using Anritsu’s MT8000A 5G test equipment extended to 6G capability.

In addition, users of the Anritsu B5G/6G Test Lab, including B5G/6G antenna and module manufacturers, will be able to verify the concept verification from the phase of developing the basic technology in the B5G/6G field. With the recent launch of the 6G technology development project in Korea, it will also be possible to verify the results of related government R&D projects.

Song Jung-su, Vice President of RAPA stated, “This agreement will serve as an opportunity for RAPA and Anritsu to strengthen their leadership in the B5G/6G field. Based on RAPA’s verification infrastructure, we expect to be at the forefront of activating the domestic 6G industry and advancing mobile communication technologies in Korea by providing verification environments and conducting development verification in the B5G/6G field.”

Yu Hyun-kil, President of Anritsu Corporation, Ltd., Korea, expressed, “We look forward to contributing to the formation of an industry-academia-laboratory ecosystem for the B5G/6G fields by providing new verification environments and contributing to the development verification environment as we move beyond 5G. Anritsu aims to demonstrate growth as a specialist solution provider in the field of mobile communications, based on our ever-evolving base station simulator technologies.”

Takeshi Shima, Director, Senior Vice President, Test & Measurement Company President of Anritsu Corporation, stated, “Anritsu is engaged in fundamental research in the B5G/6G field and is confident that this agreement will be an important step in the development of the B5G/6G industry. Anritsu, in collaboration with its industry-leading partners, aims to become a highly reliable test solution provider in the field of “Next Generation Communications”, one of Korea’s national strategic technologies, and will contribute to the revitalization of the industry.”

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Feit Electric files second white LED filament patent lawsuit

Semiconductor today - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 12:30
California-based global lighting and smart home brand Feit Electronic Company Inc has commenced a second white LED filament patent enforcement action against Savant Technologies LLC doing business as GE Lighting in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. Feit Electric says that, despite being warned, Savant imported and then sold white LED filament light bulbs marketed under the GE brand...

Cache coherent interconnect IP pre-validated for Armv9 processors

EDN Network - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 11:57

Modern system-on-chip (SoC) designs require multiple interconnects for optimal performance, and here, cache coherent and non-coherent interconnects work together. In fact, it’s imperative that SoCs have an efficient combination of cache-coherent and non-coherent operations.

While SoC parts like accelerators and peripherals generally don’t require cache coherency, sharing a coherent view of memory and I/O is critical, so the processor has access to the most recent data without having to go off-chip. Arteris claims that its non-coherent FlexWay interconnect IP and Ncore cache coherent network-on-chip (NoC) IP seamlessly work together to offer SoC designers robust architectural flexibility.

The latest version of its cache-coherent NoC IP works with multiple processor IPs, including RISC-V and the next-generation Armv9 Cortex processor. Arteris has pre-validated Armv9 Cortex processor IP for its Ncore cache coherent interconnect IP, and the resulting validation system boots Linux on a multi-cluster Arm design and executes test suites to validate critical cache coherency cases.

It also supports multiple protocols, including CHI-E, with which the latest Armv9 processors are closely associated. Other protocols are CHI-B and ACE coherent, plus ACE-Lite and AXI* IO coherent interfaces. That allows chip designers to secure their investment in older architectures and evolve in a cost-effective manner.

Ncore can scale across a mix of fully coherent, I/O-coherent, non-coherent, memory and peripheral interfaces using a variety of NoC topologies. Source: Arteris

Next, Ncore cache coherent interconnect IP has achieved ISO 26262 certification from exida, a certification agency specializing in functional safety standards for the automotive industry. Previously, Arteris supported safety and designers would do their own hardware checking in terms of safety process. However, this Ncore version is certified, meaning that interconnect design is out-of-box ready with ISO 26262 certification.

On the software side, Ncore has a very logical user interface flow to accelerate design efficiency. The flow starts at the architectural level with chip specifications and system assembly configuration options. Then, it goes to the automatic mapping process of NoC library elements, followed by optimization and refinement before RTL is generated.

Moreover, compared to the manual approach, NCoR maintains a database of inputs that SoC architectures require. So, once the initial configuration is classified, which can be iterated, SoC designers can revisit each segment, making the job of managing SoC specifications a straightforward task.

Charles Janac, president and CEO of Arteris, says that SoC designers are challenged by the growing complexity resulting from the number of processing elements, multiple protocols, and functional safety requirements of modern electronics. “Our latest release of a production-proven Ncore marks an important milestone toward our ultimate cache coherent interconnect IP vision to connect any processor, using any protocol and topology.”

Ncore supports direct connections for heterogeneous, asymmetric systems and other flexible connectivity options, ensuring adaptability to various applications across automotive, industrial, communications, and enterprise computing markets. Arteris claims that Ncore can save SoC design teams upward of 50 years of engineering effort per project compared to manually generated interconnect solutions.

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ROHM Develops Automotive Primary LDOs: Leveraging Original QuiCur Technology to Achieve Industry-Leading Load Response Characteristics

ELE Times - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 11:47

Ensures stable output in automotive applications with high input voltage and significant load jumps

ROHM has developed 45V rated 500mA output primary LDO regulators: BD9xxM5-C (BD933M5EFJ-C / BD950M5EFJ-C / BD900M5EFJ-C / BD933M5WEFJ-C / BD950M5WEFJ-C / BD900M5WEFJ-C). These devices are suitable for supplying power to automotive electronic components such as ECUs that operate from vehicle batteries.

In recent years, the number of onboard power supply systems and functions continues to grow as electrification in the automotive industry progresses. This increases the demand for primary LDOs that can directly step down the battery voltage to MCUs and other components used in ECUs. However, the energy supplied by the vehicle’s lead-acid battery is often subject to sudden voltage fluctuations, which primary LDOs are required to provide with excellent line-transient response in these conditions.

At the same time, ECUs and other downstream devices often experience load current variations during operation, which also demand excellent load-transient response characteristics. A high-frequency response is essential for fast output voltage recovery, but it has been difficult to provide sufficient phase margin at the same time to ensure stable operation. In response, ROHM developed a novel solution that addresses these challenges.

The BD9xxM5-C incorporates original QuiCur high-speed load response technology that delivers excellent response characteristics to load current fluctuations. For example, the LDO can maintain output to within 100mV of the set voltage even as the load changes between 0 and 500mA in 1μs (Rise time/Fall time). Furthermore, low 9.5µA (typ.) current consumption contributes to lower power consumption in automotive applications. These new products will be available in four packages, ranging from the compact HTSOP-J8 to the high heat dissipation TO252 (TO252-3/TO252-5) and HRP5 types. This allows users to select the most suitable package for each use case.

Going forward, ROHM will continue to improve reliability while reducing power consumption in automotive applications by developing products utilizing its strengths in analogue and other technologies.

Product Lineup

The new BD9xxM5-C meets the basic requirements for automotive products, including 150°C operation and qualification under the AEC-Q100 automotive reliability standard. A wide range of packages will be available to select from depending on the application environment, all featuring excellent response performance and low current consumption using proprietary QuiCur technology.

The lineup will be expanded to comprise a total of 18 models, (including the TO252-3, TO252-5, and HRP5 packages) by FY2024.

Application Examples

Suitable for a wide range of automotive applications such as ECUs that operate on vehicle primary power supply systems.

  • Powertrain: Fuel Injection (FI), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Body Systems: Body Control Modules
  • Infotainment: Instrument Clusters, Head-Up Displays (HUDs)

QuiCur High-Speed Load Response Technology

QuiCur is the name of ROHM’s proprietary ‘Quick Current’ high-speed load response circuit capable of maximizing load response characteristics (response performance) without causing instability in the feedback circuits of power supply ICs.

Stable operation of the power supply IC is also possible with minimal output capacitance. And in the case of switching regulators, which are a type of power supply IC, it is possible to linearly adjust the capacitance and output voltage fluctuation to easily achieve stable operation even when the capacitance is changed due to specification changes, significantly reducing the number of person-hours required for power circuit design – both in terms of decreasing component count and ensuring stable operation.

Support Tools

ROHM Real Models are high-accuracy SPICE models that utilize original model-based technology to faithfully reproduce the electrical and temperature characteristics of the actual IC, resulting in a perfect match between the IC and simulation values. This ensures reliable verification, contributing to more efficient application development – for example by preventing rework after prototyping.



In a power supply circuit, the side in charge of 1st stage conversion from a power source such as a battery is called the primary and the side responsible for 2nd stage conversion is referred to as the secondary.

LDO Regulator (Low Drop Out/Low Saturation Regulator)

A type of power supply IC that converts between two different DC voltage levels. Falls under the category of linear regulator (where the input/output voltages operate linearly) characterized by a small input-output voltage difference. Compared to DC-DC converter ICs (switching regulators), LDOs feature a simpler circuit configuration and lower noise.

Load Current

From the point of view of the power supply ICs, all electronic circuits in the subsequent stages, including MCUs and sensors, can be considered “loads”. When these loads operate, a (load) current flows, causing the output voltage of the power supply IC to undershoot (drop) or overshoot. Load transient response characteristics refer to the response time until the changed voltage due to the load current is restored and the power supply stabilizes.

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Sky One Emerges as the Leader in Serving the Global Aviation Industry

ELE Times - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 11:05

Sky One is a multinational conglomerate with a strong impact on all areas of aviation. They have ventured into diverse products and services like- Cargo Charter, Asset Trading, MRO, ACMI, Capacity Optimization, Consultancy, Passenger Airlines, Helicopters, Spare parts, Flight Operations Support, Relief Support, and Venture Capital.

Sky One Group has a portfolio of diverse aviation assets both rotor and fixed wing. It operates Bell412, Mi172 helicopters in India and Indonesia, and Boeing 747 and IL76 in the Middle East, Europe, and China, and Bombardier aircraft in India. It also operates a fleet of Mi-8 helicopters. Sky One has a specialized charter business for passengers going for Hajj and Umrah. It specializes in wet leasing with several leading passengers and global cargo airlines from China, Africa, and the Middle East, making it one of the leading privately-owned aviation companies in the Gulf.

Jaideep Mirchandani, Group Chairman of Sky One FZE

Rashi Bajpai, Sub-Editor at ELE Times had an opportunity to interact with Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani, Group Chairman of Sky One FZE, and discuss various aspects of the global aviation industry and Sky One’s product portfolio and competitive edge.

This is an excerpt from the interview.




ELE Times: How is the aviation sector currently positioned for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)?

Mr Jaideep: Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) made from biomass or waste-based organic feedstock aim to decrease greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation industry.  However, as cited by the World Economic Forum in its 2023 report on SAF (What is SAF and why are only 0.1% of flights powered by it?) there is a need to overcome some key challenges including the substantial cost burden of SAF compared to petroleum jet fuel, the low percentage of global consumption, the necessity for a greater diversity of feedstocks and production methods, and the requirement for a favourable tax policy to incentivize its production.

Many countries are developing strategies for the adoption of SAF. For instance, in January, India’s Civil Aviation Ministry proposed a 1-5% usage of SAF starting in 2027 in alignment with the second phase of the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), as suggested by ICAO. Similarly, other major countries have also established SAF volume targets and adoption timelines based on their net zero goals.

Currently, SAF needs to be blended with traditional aviation fuel. Ongoing research aims to use SAF as a direct replacement, eliminating the need for aircraft engine modifications, though this process will take more time.

ELE Times: Tell us about some of the latest technologies and trends that airlines including Sky One are now focusing on to enhance the customer experience.

Mr Jaideep: Today’s passengers seek more than just connectivity; they desire an experience tailored to their individual preferences, right from the moment they book a flight to the time they land. Recognizing the digital sophistication of the new-age passenger, airlines are investing in technology-focused training initiatives to elevate the proficiency of their staff.

This strategic upskilling empowers the workforce to navigate digital platforms and communication tools effectively, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for passengers. At Sky One, our emphasis is also on streamlining operations with a more agile and responsive approach to handling disruptions. We are also leveraging the most efficient communication channels for personalised interactions. I foresee an even more advanced integration of AI not only for customer service but also for predictive maintenance, fuel optimisation, crew scheduling, and revenue management. However, as technology advances, it also brings about potential security and privacy risks, and it is important to effectively manage passengers’ data and ensure their privacy.

ELE Times: What are your views on emerging solutions in “all-electric air mobility service”?

Mr Jaideep: Current reports indicate that many companies are actively developing air taxis and flying cars, with expectations that OEMs will certify them by 2025. Airbus has already announced CityAirbus NextGen, an all-electric, four-seat vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) prototype based on a lift and cruise concept, featuring an 80-km operational range and a cruise speed of 120 km/h suitable for various flight operations in cities and communities.

In India, the prospects for electric air taxis are bright, as InterGlobe Enterprise, the parent company of IndiGo, has announced plans to launch an all-electric taxi service in 2026 in partnership with the US-based Archer Aviation. Predictions suggest that electric aircraft, capable of taking off like helicopters and flying like airplanes, may enter commercial service by the end of the coming year or early 2026.

As far as my views are concerned, I believe such innovations in aviation are inevitable.  However, the air taxi industry may not experience a significant boom until the end of this decade. Initial instances of eVTOL craft are also most likely to be limited to military and cargo applications. Passenger services, I believe, will not only need additional infrastructure facilities but also supportive policy decisions regarding practical applications in urban areas.

ELE Times: Give us a brief overview of your product catalogue, its specifications, and major USP.

Mr Jaideep: Our catalogue includes a wide range of services, such as cargo charters, MRO, wet leasing support to passenger airlines, training, helicopter services, and flight operations support for relief missions. Recently, we’ve inked pacts with Fly Oya from Libya, Uplift Airport Services in Romania, and Cerium Air in Kazakhstan, further expanding our services globally. For startup airlines, we also provide advantageous lease terms on our top-quality aircraft. Further, Pier Seven Aviation, an important part of Sky One, has been committed to delivering high-quality flight training and education to aspiring pilots worldwide since 2015.

At the core of Sky One’s aviation philosophy is humanism, which spurs us to serve, help, and connect individuals and communities in need. This ethos is reflected in our comprehensive services, particularly our active involvement in relief support. We have a dedicated team trained to mobilise swiftly, ensuring the prompt deployment of essential resources, including aircraft, personnel, and equipment, to affected areas dealing with a humanitarian crisis or a natural disaster.

ELE Times: What, in your opinion, are the key growth drivers behind markets like India, and could you provide insights into the market outlook for 2024, with a focus on your expectations?

Mr Jaideep: The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has recently strengthened profitability projections for airlines in 2024, anticipating a notable upswing in the industry’s net overall revenues. The forecast indicates that travel figures will surge to 4.7 billion people in 2024, surpassing pre-pandemic levels—a highly positive sign for the aviation sector. This growth is primarily attributed to emerging economies, with India being highlighted by IATA as one of the most promising markets for global aviation and a key player in shaping the industry’s future landscape.

India’s surge in aviation is fueled by the rapid growth of its domestic sector. According to data compiled by aviation analytics firm Network Thoughts, India’s domestic air travel achieved a historic milestone in 2023, with a record-breaking 15.2 crore passengers—surpassing the previous peak of 14.4 crore passengers in 2019. With the significant emphasis the government is placing on Regional Connectivity Schemes, coupled with a focus on enhanced airport capacity and the addition of new destinations, this will further contribute to maintaining the growth momentum. Domestic travellers can expect an enhanced travel experience in the coming years with more travel options to Tier-II and III cities.

Meanwhile, the international travel trends from India suggest that the Middle East and North America will continue to be major revenue drivers, as has been the case for several years. It is anticipated that the Middle East will persist in dominating the traffic flows from India, with over 40% of international traffic heading to the region, and Dubai alone capturing nearly 15% of it.

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Reddit:Electronics - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 09:22

...My stuff!

Primarily second hand, ham-swap things and bobs, apart from the soldering iron and the power supply up above the bench. All things restored and repaired myself since I was a scrawny 15 years old with a soldering iron and lots of patience.

Bench surface (way tidyer than usual)

Partial workshop area (sorry for the bad lightning)

submitted by /u/DrSlideRule
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Indium Corporation Celebrates 90 Years of Materials Science Innovation

ELE Times - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 08:54

Indium Corporation, a global leader in materials science and electronics assembly solutions, commemorated its 90th anniversary on March 13, 2024. Indium Corporation’s innovative products, especially its advanced soldering solutions, are found in many common consumer electronics and high-reliability technologies such as electric vehicles, mobile devices, life-saving medical devices, and emerging 5G technology to name just a few.

Indium Corporation was founded in Utica, NY, U.S. in 1934 by Dr. William S. Murray who was instrumental in identifying and enabling the first commercially viable applications for indium metal. Today, the company is a premier materials refiner, smelter, manufacturer, and supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, thin-film, and thermal management markets with facilities in China, Germany, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.

The company’s products include solders and fluxes; brazes; thermal interface materials; sputtering targets; indium, gallium, germanium, and tin metals and inorganic compounds; and NanoFoil. Currently, over 5 million EVs are on the road with Indium Corporation’s proven solder and thermal management solutions for high reliability. Additionally, products such as award-winning Durafuse LT and the company’s Reclaim and Recycle initiative are at the forefront of sustainability within the industry.

“This milestone is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees, the trust of our customers, and the support of our global partners,” said President and COO Ross Berntson. “It also provides a great opportunity to reflect on our achievements, celebrate our present successes, and envision a richer future enabled by Indium Corporation’s materials science.”

“True to Dr. Murray’s enduring legacy, we continue to be motivated by curiosity to view materials in new ways,” Berntson added. “Fueled by a commitment to research and development, our industry thought leaders and cutting-edge products, Indium Corporation continues to innovate and grow.”

Indium Corporation is committed to playing a leadership role in the future of the global electronics assembly industry. In 2023 alone, the company joined the American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition (ASIC), European Center for Power Electronics (ECPE), and India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA). Within the same year, Indium Corporation was also honoured with CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY’s New Product Introduction Award, EM World’s Innovation Award, IEEE Malaysia’s Outstanding Industry Award for Innovation, Electronics Maker’s Best of Industry Award for Best Soldering Product of the Year, two Global Technology Awards from Global SMT & Packaging in Flux and Adhesive/Underfills/Encapsulants categories, Mexico EMS’ Mexico Technology Award for Solder Paste, and SMTA’s Technical Distinction Award bestowed upon Dr. HongWen Zhang.

In addition to its industry-leading products and technical expertise, Indium Corporation also proudly supports the communities in which it operates through charitable contributions, advancing STEM education at all levels, and fostering workforce development in STEM industries. Indium Corporation also works with military veterans to make successful transitions to private sector careers. Through its outreach efforts, the company impacts more than 5,000 lives annually.

“Just as we believe that materials science changes the world, we believe that today’s students will build our future successes,” said Associate Vice President of Human Resources Dawn Roller. “To that end, we are committed to bolstering community educational resources, especially those that advance the promise and vitally important work being done in STEM fields.”

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Rohde & Schwarz hosts next edition of popular Oscilloscope Days event in April 2024

ELE Times - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 08:32

The informative virtual Rohde & Schwarz event will span two half days, offering design engineers the opportunity to attend application-oriented presentations delivered by oscilloscope experts. Eight online workshop sessions will provide insights into different day-to-day testing challenges that electronic design engineers face when using oscilloscopes.

Rohde & Schwarz has announced that its popular Oscilloscope Days educational event will return for two days, April 17 to 18, 2024. Experts from Rohde & Schwarz and partner companies will present the latest updates on fundamentals and test features for engineers using next-generation oscilloscopes, covering topics such as power electronics and EMC, as well as signal and power integrity.

The Oscilloscope Days event will be hosted online over two days and will deliver insights into the accurate measurement of digital signals and power electronics for purposes including product design, development, debugging and compliance testing. Rohde & Schwarz application engineers together with experts from long-time event partners Würth Elektronik and PE-Systems will present measurement challenges and techniques.

There will be eight online sessions of up to 30 minutes each over the two mornings, with time for questions and answers after each session. Each session will be presented in English and will include cases based on real applications. Registrants can select the sessions they wish to attend.

The first day will open with a keynote by Professor Ingmar Kallfass of the University of Stuttgart, who will examine power-cycling patterns associated with applications for wide-bandgap semiconductor components.

With a focus on test and setup design challenges, the day will continue with Nicholas Le Bas from Rohde & Schwarz in cooperation with Robert Schillinger and Mohamed Al-Alami from Würth Elektronik describing high voltage and current measurements as well as analysis of buck converters. Sofia Perez-Simbor from Rohde & Schwarz will join the two Würth Elektronik experts for the next session, which will focus on ensuring EMC. They will show how to efficiently use an oscilloscope for typical spectrum analysis applications, and they will examine the EMC pre-compliant design of a boost converter.

To start the second day, Jens Schweickhardt from PE-Systems and Alexander Küllmer from Rohde & Schwarz will describe measurements on power electronics and power supplies. After the morning break, Adrian Stirn from Würth Elektronik and Pasi Suhonen from Rohde & Schwarz will show how to ensure coexistence between multiple data ports in smart devices.

Philip Diegmann, Vice President Oscilloscopes at Rohde & Schwarz, said: “The subjects for our Oscilloscope Days event are hand-picked to cover issues that many engineers are encountering in their current projects. Attending provides the opportunity to interact with our presenting teams to see and discuss effective solutions. We are fortunate that our event partners continue to provide highly skilled and engaging presenters.” As a maker of filters and inductors, Würth Elektronik has expertise in the measurement techniques needed to ensure proper circuit layout. PE-Systems is a provider of online tools for power-system analysis and automated test systems to solve challenges such as calculating power converter switching losses.

Alexander Gerfer, CTO of Würth Elektronik eiSos Group, said, “The application-oriented content of all sessions ensures high added value for engineers attending the event. That’s why we have supported Rohde & Schwarz as an event partner for several years.”

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Is it too late to post my workbench?

Reddit:Electronics - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 08:17
Is it too late to post my workbench?

It's a little different now but still relevant.

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Hobby bench for a recent EE grad

Reddit:Electronics - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 01:42
Hobby bench for a recent EE grad

The little 3D printed component storage drawers are awesome for resistors and capacitors and stuff. I have a hot plate and air gun and microscope not pictured for when I do SMD work but thats not super often right now

submitted by /u/holysbit
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Samsung, Micron, and SK Hynix Lead the Charge on HBM3E DRAM

AAC - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 01:00
Three companies—Samsung, Micron, and SK Hynix—have announced moves in the high-bandwidth memory (HBM) 3E market.

My first breadboard!

Reddit:Electronics - Wed, 03/13/2024 - 19:57
My first breadboard!

My first ever breadboard kit arrived today and this is my first circuit. I'm a full grown adult but still jumped and smiled like a kid when it actually turned on!

submitted by /u/Sheik_Yabouti
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