VLSI Laboratory

VLSI analog IC design laboratory was opened in January, 2020.
The project was implemented with joint forces of KPI and industry partner companies, Tower Semiconductor (Israel) and Cadence Design Systems (USA). Leading force of the project, Tower Semiconductor, was introduced through local design bureau UkrSemi, which employs number of Electronic engineering department graduates.
Equipment and software licenses were sponsored by partner companies. Laboratory provides 12 workplaces with modern workstations and large monitors. software is executed on the powerful server. Besides that, people can access lab resources from any computer, connected to the Internet.
In the lab students can learn principles and technologies of custom IC design with focus on analog devices of different applications. Besides learning, students of graduate levels and PhDs can use the lab for their reasearch.

The lab is certified in Custom IC Design technology. For annual certification softwrae is regularly updated to most recent versions, and instructors take regular training and complete exams.
Through instructor's application students can register for Cadence Learning & Support system and take online training of their choice. Those who completed the training and passed final exam are awarded with respective certificate and digital badge.
Laboratory resources are used to in the following courses:

  • Analog circuits
  • Microwave technique
  • Electronics simulation & design